365 Days of Writing – 29th April – “Cringe-worthy”

Do you feel uncomfortable when you see someone else being embarrassed? What’s most likely to make you squirm?

I consider myself to be a sympathetic person, and therefore do feel bad when people find themselves in situations that threaten their honor or dignity. Unfortunately for this blog post I can’t remember any particular situations, but I think the majority of the time these kind of things can be laughed off, I take the stance that you shouldn’t take yourself so seriously to the extent that you let embarrassing situations affect you too much, just laugh ’em off, that’s gotta be healthier.

In terms of other cringe worthy things, I don’t really consider myself to be too squirmish, I generally have no problem for instance with horror or particularly gory movies, but then I came across this post on buzzfeed.com that definitely hit a soft spot for me. I guess the dramatisation of movies has had a desensitising affect on me, but when I come across real life depictions of physically painful or crippling injuries it definitely makes me recoil. I think it’s mainly because I place allot of value on my physical well being, I absolutely hate being imobalised be it due to illness or physical injury so definitely cringe at the sight of nasty injuries.


365 Days of Writing – 28th April – “Your time to shine”

Early bird, or night owl?

Well I tend not to like the fact that as human beings we have to sleep, there’s far to much to do in this life and nowhere near enough time to do it, so why on earth would I want to spend such a large portion of it seemingly doing nothing at all!

Because of this mentality, if I am left to my own devices, to do as I wish with no real schedule, I tend to operate on a slightly longer cycle than the usual 24hours that we are given each day, which means that initially it would seem that I am a night owl by staying up longer, but at some point my cycle makes me get up early in the morning. Because of this I came to believe that’s my natural cycle, but it turns out science has something to say about that.

I came across an article on slate.com which explaines that there are in fact photosensitive cells in your eyes, other than the rods and cones used for normal vision, which connect with your hyporthalamus, these cells basically feed the hyporthalamus with information that allows it to decide wether it is day or night, and when night does come around it relays that information to your pineal gland that will then release melatonin which makes you sleepy.

By staying up longer and using artificial light, you trick your hyporthalamus into thinking it has it’s cycle wrong, so it will try to compensate, and you won’t feel tired until later the next day, and the next day, and the next day, so your cycle is being artificially shifted. So I guess my “natural” cycle is not so natural after all.

I do feel however that I’m definitely capable of adjusting wether I get up early or stay up late depending on my schedule, I did a paper round for about four years or so, having to get up at 5:30 or something like that, everyday, which wasn’t a problem for me. But that is more physical work and doesn’t really require your brain to be in gear. My best work I believe gets don’t after I’ve warmed up a bit and then I like to keep going for as long as I can, which usually means working into the night.

I read a quote the other day


Working late!

“No human believes that any other human has a right to be in bed when he himself is up” (Robert S. Lynd)

And in general I think there is social stigma toward night owls, but there’s really nothing wrong with it, according to an article in the New Scientist about 10% of people qualify as early birds and 20% are night owls with the majority of people left falling somewhere in between and it’s completely natural for people to have these different chronotypes. As well as this, studies have shown that night owls are better at reasoning, more productive, wealthier, and more professionally successful, so don’t dis yo!


365 Days of Writing – 27th April – “Wall to wall”


Free ebook from dailypost.wordpress.com

So I’ve been wanting to create a blog for some time and have had a few, let’s say not so successful attempts, so I thought instead of having to come up with content on a regular basis and just to get used to writing regularly I would try writing at least something everyday using the 365 days of writing prompts from dailypost.wordpress.com.

I won’t be starting from the beginning since they are arranged by date and some prompts may be particular for that moment in the year so I will simply go by the date.

Today’s prompt is

“Wall to wall
What do you display on the walls of your home — photos, posters, artwork, nothing? How do you choose what to display? What mood are you trying to create?”

So here goes:

Around the time of becoming a teenager I finally managed to get my own bedroom, up until then I was sharing with my older brother (while I guess my younger brother must have still been in a cot In my parents room). When I was finally able to take full control over this small area ,of course I wanted to use it to express myself.

Back then I was listening to rock and metal music I rode a BMX and I was just about to get into guitar playing, so you can imagine the way I wanted to decorate. I was banned by my mother from using colours that were too dark when painting the walls, so I picked a kind of olive green, and I broke up the empty walls with BMX and music, mainly guitar related posters, as well as a hanger for one of my guitars.


Bare walls after moving in some new furnature.

As time went by I stopped riding as much (I was beginning to fear for my safety) and my tastes in music changed and gradually all the posters came down. After I finished high school and sixth form collage I started working and living in London, so my bedroom at home was left as it was, I lived away for about two years before moving back for three or four years, during which I had intentions of changing the design but I ended up changing the furniture and leaving the walls, I have since moved out again, life has taken me to Dublin while my bedroom walls remain green.


I imagine when I move back I would like to do something new with my walls, in terms of colour I’m not sure, but my palette would probably be allot more neutral/light now, but in terms of the way they are decorated, I would like at least one area for photos. I was inspired recently by the way a YouTuber Phillip deFranco designed one of the walls in his office with his photography, like a call collage but with each photo individually framed. Beyond that I’m not sure, but I do like walls to have something on them to break up the empty space, some form of design that is aesthetically pleasing.