365 Days of Writing – 29th April – “Cringe-worthy”

Do you feel uncomfortable when you see someone else being embarrassed? What’s most likely to make you squirm?

I consider myself to be a sympathetic person, and therefore do feel bad when people find themselves in situations that threaten their honor or dignity. Unfortunately for this blog post I can’t remember any particular situations, but I think the majority of the time these kind of things can be laughed off, I take the stance that you shouldn’t take yourself so seriously to the extent that you let embarrassing situations affect you too much, just laugh ’em off, that’s gotta be healthier.

In terms of other cringe worthy things, I don’t really consider myself to be too squirmish, I generally have no problem for instance with horror or particularly gory movies, but then I came across this post on buzzfeed.com that definitely hit a soft spot for me. I guess the dramatisation of movies has had a desensitising affect on me, but when I come across real life depictions of physically painful or crippling injuries it definitely makes me recoil. I think it’s mainly because I place allot of value on my physical well being, I absolutely hate being imobalised be it due to illness or physical injury so definitely cringe at the sight of nasty injuries.


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