365 Days of Writing – 1st July 2016 – “Great or Greatest”

365 Days of writing? more like one or two… So I can’t remember what happened to my writing everyday thing but I’m back to try again. I’m currently trying to work on content for my email subscribers so I need the practice writing. Todays prompt:

What makes a blog great? What makes you follow a blog or “Like” a post?

I think I’m quite selective when it comes to engaging with content both on and off-line. Whether its a good book or a great YouTube channel  they are both forms of getting a message across. There are of course allot of things that can make content great, which makes this a tricky question for me to answer.

Apart from TV shows and movies I tend to consume allot more non-fiction, it’s just my nature, I most enjoy content that gives me something very practical that I can use in my life and work somehow. Content that I really enjoy often has a certain simplicity to it, I think the best content is able to get a point across that can be quite complex or deep but it’s  expressed in such a way that makes it perfectly simple to understand. It really depends on the subject, I think of myself as a logical person in so much as I enjoy logic, things that theoretically or technically make sense and I can relate to and use…

This is something I have been thinking about recently in some ways, as I said I’m working on some of my own content teaching guitar and music theory. There’s so much out there on this subject but not allot at all that I truly enjoy, because it lacks any real depth or decent structure, and the small amount that is pretty decent in terms of the subject matter that’s being shared, they often fall short when it comes to presentation.

You can have the best most valuable message but if it’s badly presented it can be very difficult to properly take in. For instance if you’re presenting your message using video then the picture and audio should be of a decent quality, the “script” needs to be concise, and the presenter or “talent” needs to be enjoyable to watch and listen to.

I’ve taken a more broad approach to this question since I don’t follow too many blogs or often find blogs I can really connect with, but hopefully it gives a rough overall impression.  I’m kind of having trouble answering this question, in actual fact this is in some ways the reason I’m writing these blogs in the first place. I’m trying to find my voice, find my way and practice making great content, at lease the writing side of it…

This requires more thought, after all If I fully knew what my answer to this question was I probably wouldn’t be here writing this….

This reminds me of Steven Pressfield’s most recent book release “Nobody Wants To Read Your Sh*t” he explains in this book that “It isn’t that people are mean or cruel. They’re just busy.” so you need to “1) Streamline your message. Focus it and pare it down to it’s simplest clearest, easiest-to-understand form. 2) Make its expression fun. Or sexy or interesting or scary or informative. Make it so compelling that a person would have to be crazy NOT to read it.”