365 Days of Writing – 27th April – “Wall to wall”


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So I’ve been wanting to create a blog for some time and have had a few, let’s say not so successful attempts, so I thought instead of having to come up with content on a regular basis and just to get used to writing regularly I would try writing at least something everyday using the 365 days of writing prompts from dailypost.wordpress.com.

I won’t be starting from the beginning since they are arranged by date and some prompts may be particular for that moment in the year so I will simply go by the date.

Today’s prompt is

“Wall to wall
What do you display on the walls of your home — photos, posters, artwork, nothing? How do you choose what to display? What mood are you trying to create?”

So here goes:

Around the time of becoming a teenager I finally managed to get my own bedroom, up until then I was sharing with my older brother (while I guess my younger brother must have still been in a cot In my parents room). When I was finally able to take full control over this small area ,of course I wanted to use it to express myself.

Back then I was listening to rock and metal music I rode a BMX and I was just about to get into guitar playing, so you can imagine the way I wanted to decorate. I was banned by my mother from using colours that were too dark when painting the walls, so I picked a kind of olive green, and I broke up the empty walls with BMX and music, mainly guitar related posters, as well as a hanger for one of my guitars.


Bare walls after moving in some new furnature.

As time went by I stopped riding as much (I was beginning to fear for my safety) and my tastes in music changed and gradually all the posters came down. After I finished high school and sixth form collage I started working and living in London, so my bedroom at home was left as it was, I lived away for about two years before moving back for three or four years, during which I had intentions of changing the design but I ended up changing the furniture and leaving the walls, I have since moved out again, life has taken me to Dublin while my bedroom walls remain green.


I imagine when I move back I would like to do something new with my walls, in terms of colour I’m not sure, but my palette would probably be allot more neutral/light now, but in terms of the way they are decorated, I would like at least one area for photos. I was inspired recently by the way a YouTuber Phillip deFranco designed one of the walls in his office with his photography, like a call collage but with each photo individually framed. Beyond that I’m not sure, but I do like walls to have something on them to break up the empty space, some form of design that is aesthetically pleasing.